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As a CM, I am often asked why clients hire me.  The role is one that is not necessarily considered when thinking about construction projects.  But the importance of my role when there are so many moving parts is vital for the efficiency of the project.


As a CM, I am your advocate through the construction process.  From the beginning, through design and construction all the way through completing the close out process, I have systems in place to ensure maximum efficiency.


As a CM, I can:

  1. Assist with initial cost estimates to determine the design, contract model and duration
  2. Maintain control over the project – I have specific software that I utilize to control budget, schedule, vendors and delivery, contractors, and communication. Having everything in an organized place will make this process much more smooth
  3. Control Budget – I have the experience to understand where money should be spent throughout the project and also how to control change order requests keeping overruns to a minimum
  4. Control the schedule – One of the biggest reasons for overruns is the project dragging out without finishing. Understanding the schedule at the time of project award and tracking throughout is one of the most important tasks of the CM during construction
  5. Avoid/Mitigate Risk – I am experienced in the risks that can affect a project throughout. My process will track potential risks and have mitigation plans set up to avoid these risks becoming issues.
  6. Pre-construction and post construction services – I always spend ample time before the project to make sure we all understand the plan (drawings, specs, materials and delivery, contracts, and billing issues). Getting on the same page early will help efficiently work through the process


With the fast-paced hectic lives most of us lead, construction and project management is not a luxury for residential construction but a must.  This is a highly specialized role that will save you time, money and headache.

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