How to Choose your Architect

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Lots of questions about how to choose an architect.

In my business, I am always looking to team up with architects and designers for each of my projects.  And just like every other industry, there are good and bad.  Sometimes, there is no way to avoid being taken but there is always a chance to find a gem as well.

When I look for an architect, I look for several things and then I follow up.  Diligence is key to mitigating the risk of getting a bad architect.  That diligence isn’t always easy and its never quick.  That may be one of the biggest lessons here.  Doing things quickly without following a plan is almost never a good idea.  When you know your project schedule, make sure to start well ahead of time.  Give yourself the time to vet out the different people in the project team.  A good CM will help with this process.

I always have several meetings with my clients in an effort to understand the overall goal of the project.  While we don’t have to get into specific design, it’s good to have a sense of style, schedule, and budget.  Again, it doesn’t need to be specific yet.  Ballpark ideas and number are perfectly fine.  These conversations allow me to engage the right architects to conceptualize the project and put ideas to paper.  Together, with the client, we will choose the right architect to join the team.

The way I recommend starting is by asking friends and family.  Referral is still the best way to find qualified folks.  This is why I am so client-driven.  I hope that all of my clients have an experience that encourages them to refer me to their friends and families.  There is no better publicity than a job well-done and a customer that enjoys their new home.

When vetting the architect, questions such as:

  1. What do you think are the most significant pieces of this project and how do you envision us dealing with it?
  2. What is your experience in this locality?
  3. How do you structure your scope?
  4. Can you provide references and can I see your work?

These are all things a good CM will take care of.  JSM excels at this process and is willing to take your vision to reality and excited to work with you!

Happy Building!


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