Pre-Project Consulting

Before we help build your project team, we will understand your project goals.  We’ll go over the drawings, the terminology, the pinch-points of the project as well as what to expect so that we minimize the surprises along the way.

Project Scope & Contract Management

We’ll bring the project team together making sure that everyone understands their roles in the project. Having a defined scope for all involved eliminates the uncertainly through the process.

Budget Evaluation and Administration

JSM will put together budgets and complex approaches in order to achieve the mission of the project.  Having JSM in your corner is the same as taking a mechanic to the car dealership.

Schedule Development and Delivery

Proper project management starts with a proper project plan. When we form our plan, we will monitor that plan through the whole project.  Through technology and diligence, we can be both deliberate as well as agile to accommodate all aspects of the projects.  A full schedule will be developed to include subcontractors, material delivery and design input, milestones and client timelines.

Maintain an Onsite Presence

Progress is tracked consistently and communicated thoroughly throughout the project with all stakeholders.  It is vitally important to JSM that you are informed all the way through.  Minimizing surprises and de-stressing our clients is a large part of why we do what we do.

Project Documentation Control

JSM generates progress tracking, RFI’s, Submittals, Daily Reports, and process plans throughout the project.  Communication of all tracking is done frequently as well as billing review and approval.

Constant Communication both Informally and Formally

JSM will lead all meetings with stakeholders.  Providing single-source direction for all members of the project team is part of our plan to take the stress off of our clients.

Change Management

JSM understands that all projects are agile until completed.  Whether its unforeseen circumstances or changes that maximize design and space, JSM will work on your behalf to make decisions according to best practices and project goals.

Quality Assurance

“The devil is in the details”.  Quality Assurance practices help to ensure that the end result of a project is consistent with the design intent and specifications.

Project Close Out

We can’t wait to sit down and hear your feedback.  We certainly hope to have earned a referral so that our next client can have the same positive experience!

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