As President and Owner of JSM Project Management, Joe Meringolo strategically aligns design vision with effective and efficient project management and construction execution.  JSM is an independent firm built for and dedicated to creating a better journey for all stakeholders.  Under Joe’s leadership, the client’s vision for a project is brought to reality and delivered on with consistent and exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail.

Meringolo has been in the construction and project management industry for over 25 years, which has included performing award-winning work across multiple industries.  Growing up as a carpenter, attention to detail and a steely work ethic are centerpieces to a career that has grown through all stages of the construction and project management fields.  Meringolo has managed projects ranging in budget and scope from $10,000 to over $30 million.

No matter the size of the project, the process stays the same.  Scale is almost irrelevant with an effective process.

Joe Meringolo
JSM Project Management, LLC

While directing a project for a government contractor, Meringolo earned his PMP certification.  With this certification, he proudly served within the PMO (Project Management Office) of a DoD project serving our heroic military members and veterans.  Meringolo’s project guidance helped shape the future of technology where it serves our veterans’ medical needs and that of their families.

By mastering the efficient use of the schedule, time can literally become money.

Joe Meringolo
JSM Project Management, LLC

The formation of JSM Project Management allows Meringolo to bolster and protect the values and work ethic that have been instilled in him and that he lives daily.  He believes strongly in creating a partnership with the customer; it is truly an honor for Meringolo on every project!

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